Text Box: Our Products

 Piston Rings, Sleeves - 3⅜˝, 4˝, 4˝, 4˝, 5˝, 5˝

 Valves, Guides. Crankshaft Seals, Head & Manifold Gasket Set
or Complete Set for A, E, K, L, U, UC, M and up.

 Wrist Pin and Bushings - A, E, K, L, U, UC, M.

 Intake & Exhaust Manifolds A, E, K, U, UC, M & up.

 Intake Manifold Heat Chamber Repair Kit - A, E, K, S.

 Intake Manifold Sleeve; Heat Chamber: Ex. Elbow for
U, UC, UM & Cont. Engine.

 T Handle for Gas Tank Cap - 20-35, 25-40, Early U, UC, WC.

 Radiator Core for 18-30 to A, K, L, U, UC, M and up.

 Carb. and Mag. Rebuilding.

 Oil Pressure, Amp, Temp Gauges.

 Engine Overhaul Kits with Gaskets and Crankshaft Seals
for 1920-1985.