NORM'S ANTIQUESText Box: 40 Years Collecting Allis Chalmers Tractors
My passion for collecting antique and classic Allis Chalmers tractors has turned into a rapidly expanding world wide business.
There are few sources for reliable replacement parts, so we created one. 
Gaskets are hard to find, and rarely reusable.  We therefore established a relationship with a state of the art laser cutting facility to reproduce them.
Manifolds are too often cracked or warped.  We can provide new, cast and finished for a wide range of models.
Frequently when you are restoring that prize, a detail like an emblem will be missing.  We supply new reproductions made in the USA.
Our reference collection of tractors includes every model from 10-18, the first, to WD45 diesel.  All our new parts are reproduced to A/C specifications and drawings, thus indistinguishable from the original.